Welcome to the Pirates Lodge / Bienvenu au Pirates Lodge

Welcome! Bienvenue! To The Pirates Lodge, your newly discovered island escape! Inspired by the routes which pirates and corsairs travelled on the Indian Ocean, between the 15th and 18th centuries, is the aquamarine archipelago of the Mascarene Islands today known as Rodrigues, Mauritius, and Reunion. It is here on the island of Rodrigues that The Pirate Lodge is nestled, within steps of the pristine powder-white, isolated beaches and tranquil warm, sapphire blue sea of Saint Francois, located on the east coast of Rodrigues.

Bienvenu au Pirates Lodge (l'auberge des Pirates), pour vous évader sur une île fraîchement découverte. Inspiré par la route des pirates et des corsaires qui ont sillonné l'Océan Indien du 15ème au 18ème siècle, se trouve l'archipel bleu vert des îles Mascareignes, connues aujourd'hui sous les noms de Rodrigues, Maurice et la Réunion. C'est ici, sur l'île Rodrigues, que le Pirate Lodge se blottit, à quelques pas des plages de sable fin d'une blancheur virginale, et de la mer tiède, couleur bleu saphir, de Saint François, sur la côte Est de Rodrigues.

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Snorkeling, line fishing, kayaking or just a cruise are activities that we do organise.

Plongée, pêche à la ligne, kayak ou balade en mer, sont des activités que nous organisons.

Our friendly-bar, for your chill-out moments after a day visiting the island.

Notre bar convivial, pour vos moments de détente après une journée à visiter l'île.

Trou d'Argent is just a few meters of walk away from The Pirates Lodge.

Trou d'Argent se trouve à quelques mètres de marche du Pirates Lodge.

Caverne patate, an incontournable attraction of the island.

Caverne Patate, une attraction incontournable de l'île.

Being at the Pirate Lodge was like a relaxation retreat! We enjoyed every moment of our stay there! If you are looking for a laidback, clam and relaxing holidays, this is definitely the place to go!.

Eloise Theron (Eloise Theron, Magazine Editor, South Africa)

Exquisit! The service was just wonderful; we could either buy our own food and cook for dinner/lunch or we could ask the maids to cook something for us on our lazy days! I was amazed at how good the maids could cook: lobster, prawns, fish, meats, you name it! Cooked 'a la rodriguaise'. For sure, I will come back.

Ernest Nemorin (Ernest Nemorin, Travel Agent, South Africa)

I truly fell in love with Pirate Lodge and Rodrigues island...the warmth of the rodriguans, the food, the tranquility, the amazing sceneries of the rodriguan landscape. If you've never been to this treasure island, I totally recommend it to you!

Theresa Hush (Theresa Hush, Director, South Africa)